E-knjiga “Ecology and Justice”

Od danas s naše stranice možete skinuti e-knjigu publikacije Ecology and Justice. Uredio ju je Mladen Domazet, a predstavlja izbor radova s IPE-ove konferencije “Climate Justice – Perspectives from Natural and Social Sciences” iz studenog 2015.

Autori/ce poglavlja su Daniel Hausknost, Melita Carević, Marija Brajdić Vuković, Plinija Poljaković i Karin Doolan, te Drago Župarić-Iljić.

Iz uvoda:

Given the catastrophic outlook of the Anthropocene condition, the catastrophe of now rather than of distant tomorrow (cf. Walter Benjamin as cited in Suvin 2010; 2011), to envision ‘progress’ researchers and authors must illuminate the interrelationship between ecology and justice. And they must do so in a way that represents both the universal connection within Humanity, and the plurality of conditions of self-realization of different human communities.

The future deterministically derived from the simple reading of the Humanity-Nature clash of the Anthropocene narrative is one of ecological collapse and increasing injustice, a non-future from the perspective of aspirations to critical rationalism and human equality, an unacceptable future for many for whom the collapse through overexploitation and unjust subjugation are already the catastrophic conditions of the present.

The current development path is leading towards the future of instability and injustice, whilst existing injustices are already ecologically irrational and disingenuous towards expressed goals of emancipation and development.

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