IPE is organizing the 9th International Degrowth Conference in Zagreb!

From from August 29 to September 2 2023 in Zagreb!

The final Green Academy 2022 program is here!

Our agenda for August 27-31!

Green Academy 2022: Call for Sessions!

The deadline is July 30!

IPE is one of the organizers of the Zagreb Degrowth Conference

The 9th International Degrowth Conference will take place from August 29 to September 2 2023 in Zagreb, under the title "Planet, People, Care: It Spells Degrowth"!

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Our topics


Degrowth is a social movement and a conceptual framework which repoliticizes the development debate, currently overwhelmed by the idiom of economics. The degrowth movement and theory are attempts to reinterpret the fundamentally untenable position of modern society, and a call to build imaginaries and conceptual frameworks suitable for a radical shift towards sustainability. It is about sustainability in the physical and social sense; not just sustainability that provides enough energy and food for all people on the planet, but sustainability that describes a life worth living for everyone.

Climate Justice


Energy Transition

Democratization of public services

Public services such as water supply, electricity and transport are key to environmental sustainability, as well as the social inclusion of citizens. These services are often provided by inefficient and corrupt public companies and institutions that are fully under the control of political parties and mainly serve private interests rather than the public one. As an alternative, numerous agents advocate privatization, realized through direct sale of public companies, concessions or public-private partnerships, but this gives the private businesses a monopoly that allows them to maximize profits at the expense of public interest. IPE explores models of democratization of public services in order to correct the shortcomings of public management and prevent the privatization of public services.



Resource Management


Our Junior Research Fellows!

The Junior Research Fellowship is a paid six-month position for young researchers

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