ECOPRO Seminar with Dirk Holemans

IPE is welcoming Dirk Holemans from the Belgian green think tank Oikosa, who will join us for the ECOPRO (Ecological Production in a Post-Growth Society) seminar “A Green Transformation: Freedom and Security in Uncertain Times” at 12 p.m. on November 22.

Here’s the description:

Our European societies are facing different challenges, such as climate change, migration, increasing inequality, a throw-away-economy and the 4th industrial revolution (new disruptive technologies). Inspired by Karl Polanyi, it is argued that this societal disruption induces two kinds of reactions: a democratic one, looking for a new combination of freedom & security, and a fascist one, where authoritarian leaders promise security in return of the forsake of freedom.

In this presentation, we will explore the building blocks of the democratic answer, a new societal model that tries to re-embed the economy while delivering freedom & security for all within the limits of the planet.

The seminar is organised in cooperation with Green European Foundation and with the financial support of the European Parliament.

Read Dirk’s essay here:


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