IPE Senior Research Fellow 2020-21 – Federico Demaria!

We are happy to announce that our Senior Research Fellow for 2020-21 is Federico Demaria!

Federico Demaria is a lecturer in ecological economics and political ecology at the University of Barcelona, a research fellow at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, and a member of the academic collective Research & Degrowth. He is also the deputy coordinator of the ERC project EnvJustice (led by Prof. Joan Martinez-Alier) which maps and analyses the social conflicts between the environment and the economy. He co-edited two books translated into several languages: Degrowth: A Vocabulary for a New Era (2015) and Pluriverse: A Post-Development Dictionary (2019).

The primary questions motivating his research are: 1) Why are natural resources and environmental impacts unequally distributed? And how does this occur? 2) Who is best placed to promote more socially just and ecologically sustainable worlds? And how could this be achieved? In collaboration with IPE, he plans to, first, engage with a critique of growth-based development that depoliticizes genuine political antagonisms between alternative visions, as well as investigate the resistance it faces; and second, inquire into the alternative imaginaries that compose a Pluriverse: ‘a world where many worlds fit’.


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