“Quiet Degrowth and Loud Rumblings – perspectives from the European Semiperiphery”: research seminar, Ljubljana

On Friday, 22.9. IPE’s team – Giacomo D’Alisa, Lilian Pungas and Mladen Domazet – will participate in a research seminar entitled “Quiet Degrowth and Loud Rumblings – perspectives from the European Semiperiphery” at Ziferblat, Ljubljana.

The seminar will take place in English, and here is the program:

9:00 Introduction, Ajda Pistotnik (EnaBanda)
9:15 Perspectives on degrowth

  • Quiet Degrowth, dr. Christina Plank;
  • Universal Basic Income (UBI), dr. Giacomo D’Alisa;
  • Degrowth and Environmentalism, dr. Mladen Domazet.

10:30 Break
10:45 Group discussions

  • Degrowth: Unknown Concept and Applied Practice with Christina Plank, moderator Ahac Meden (ZRC SAZU);
  • Reproductive and Care Work and the Implementation of with Giacomo D’Alisa, moderator Lana Zdravković (Mirovni inštitut);
  • Integrated Environmentalism as a Critique of the Dominant Social Paradigm with Mladen Domazet, moderator Živa Kavka Gobbo (Focus).

11:30 Coffee and snacks

Join us! Contact us to participate.

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