Green Academy, IPE’s program of political education, has been taking place on the Island of Vis since 2010.

The 2022 edition is entitled “Archipelagos in Movement”, and will take place from the 27th to the 31st of August.

Green Academy 2022 “Archipelagos in Movement”


The final Green Academy 2022 program is here!

The final Green Academy 2022 program is here!

Our agenda for August 27-31!
First version of the Green Academy 2022 program!

First version of the Green Academy 2022 program!

The tentative version of our "Archipelagos in Movement" agenda.
Green Academy 2022: Call for Sessions!

Green Academy 2022: Call for Sessions!

The deadline is July 30!

About the Academy

“The main goals of the Academy don’t change, their trajectory is not formulated through the needs of daily politics, although the Academy’s content can significantly affect it, since we want to politicize public space by imposing topics that are pushed to the side for various reasons.

Since its inception, the Academy was conceived as a space of exchange, a place of connection, and an intellectual polygon for progressive social forces, especially green and new left ones, which are politically in their formative period. In this sense, the Academy’s program seeks to provide basis and context for social action that would not be shaped solely by the reaction to existing irregularities that surround us.

Its thematic focus on the commons, degrowth and climate justice is therefore a constant because such substantial social change implies a longer period of time, spanning generations.

Nevertheless, it is important for us to offer more understanding, knowledge and opportunities that can connect all those are working, in Europe and the world, on systemic change that goes towards eliminating inequalities and recognizing the planetary boundaries of the current growth model.

In this sense, we want to recognize the dynamics that can create a momentum of reversal, by applying pressure and constantly acting on the cracks in the current system.

The Academy serves as a place where activists can get a running start, get to know new models of work or go deeper into an area relevant to their work.”

Vedran Horvat