Nikola Zdunić got his BA and MA in Political Science from Zagreb’s Faculty of Political Science. His research interests include social movements and their influence on political systems, participatory models of governing public goods, researching models of public housing and housing cooperative, and the degrowth theory and movement.

For the past five years, he has been active in Zagreb’s LGBTIQ movement, and in the fight for the commons and public goods. He is a member of the LGBTIQ organization Zagreb Pride and has organized a number of Zagreb Pride Marches. He has collaborated with Grupa 22, a think tank dedicated to green and left progressive politics, and worked for IPE for a year, 2016, through the state measure of professional training without employment. In addition to helping organize the fifth international Degrowth Conference, he participated in the final preparations for the publication of the Degrowth: A Vocabulary for a New Era Croatian translation, wrote a policy paper on financing scientific research with public resources, helped organize the Green Academy and took the class “Society and Sustainability”.

He is currently engaged in researching the system of public housing in Zagreb, the neoliberalization of Zagreb’s urban planning and the democratization of railway services, and is involved in local politics through the Zagreb is Ours! platform.