Pierre Smith Khanna is a historian and political scientist with a Masters in Political Ecology, Degrowth and Environmental Justice. Formerly a humanities teacher in an alternative international boarding school, Pierre has a deep interest in education and encountering novel ways in which students and teachers can learn together in an environment free of fear and competition. He has co-developed and taught the curriculum for humanities and ecology to young adults (Brockwood Park School), co-organised and facilitated the Degrowth Summer School (2019) and is Co-Coordinator of the Political Ecology Masters program (2020-22).

He recently made his first feature-length documentary “Fairytales of Growth” on degrowth and climate change activism, and is currently interested in deepening his exploration of the links and relationships between forms of oppression/domination, economic growth and the socio-ecological crisis.

Work with IPE

During his fellowship with IPE Pierre will be researching what have come to be termed ‘Sustainable Masculinities’. Taking the history of patriarchy and economic growth and their effects on women, men and the environment, and outlining what sustainable masculinities are and how they come into being and can continue to flourish, he hopes to contribute to a new sense of identity, contribution and place for men in the transition to feminist post-growth societies.