A successful Green Academy Winter Seminar

During three days at Plitvice Lake, more than 50 participants of the Green Academy Winter Seminar on degrowth discussed degrowth and debt, degrowth and municipalism, and degrowth and labour in working groups run by Ajda Pistotnik, Andro Rilović, and Clara Dallaire-Fortier and Nikolina Rajković.

Along with the working groups, the participants listened to lectures by Petr Jehlička and Tiziano Distefano, as well as a panel on degrowth and the Green New Deal.

Especially important for IPE’s work was the first public presentation of our Degrowth Donut. IPE’s big reseach project on sustainability indicators was presented by Mladen Domazet, Marija Brajdić Vuković, Clara Dallaire Fortier and Jenny Ufer. You will soon be able to explore and make your own Degrowth Donuts on the web console we are developing.

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