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“Ecology and Justice” E-book

You can now download the "Ecology and Justice" e-book from IPE's website. The publication was edited by Mladen Domazet, and represents a selection of...

ECOPRO Seminar with Dirk Holemans

Next week IPE will welcome Dirk Holemans from the Belgian green think tank Oikosa, who will join us for the ECOPRO seminar "A Green Transformation: Freedom and Security...

Giacomo D’Alisa: Degrowth and the State

Giacomo D’Alisa, IPE's 2017 Senior Research Fellow, is working on developing a paper investigating the conceptual relationship between degrowth and the state. He will give...

Toward A Good City For All

A report on the "Good City for All" events in March and December, organized by IPE in cooperation with GEF and with support of...

Donuts in America!

Throughout July 2018 representatives of IPE's research partnership will be presenting the first 'donuts' from our sustainability kitchen in the US and Canada.

Green Academy 2018 selection results!

We are very happy to announce that we have finished the selection process our Call for Participation/Call for Ideas for the 6th edition of...

Clara at the STOREP Conference in Siena

In the last week of June, Clara Léa Dallaire-Fortier visited Siena to participate in an event co-organised by STOREP, Rethinking Economics and the Young...