Degrowth in the Global South & Southeast Europe

On Wednesday February 13 at 11 am in IPE’s office we’ll be holding a seminar on degrowth in the Global South and Southeast Europe. The European perspective will be presented by Mladen Domazet, while Gabriel Trettel Silva, a degrowther from Brazil, will introduce us to the South American experience.

Join us!

About Gabriel:

Gabriel Trettel Silva holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of São Paulo (BR) on the implications of Degrowth for the global South and graduated in Environmental Management from the University of São Paulo and University of Leeds (UK). He is a current member of the editorial team of web portal and collaborates as a UNESCO consultant for the City Council of São Paulo to integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals into public education. He worked in the Incubator of Popular Cooperatives coordinating Solidarity Economy projects and advising enterprises on self-management and cooperativism. Besides the degrowth perspective Gabriel is also interested in political ecology, ecological economics and currents of Latin American thought such as the dependency theory and decolonial thought applied in understanding global flows of natural resources and envisioning fairer international socioecological relations.


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