A multiyear research project in the field of democratising the railway services sector, established as a participative process involving a broad team of activists and experts and resulting in a published study.

Croatian Railways were recognised as a public corporation that could be exposed to privatisation, yet is considered to be of exceptional importance to a broader circle of stakeholders around IPE due to workers’ rights protection, the green dimension of this form of transport and the possibility of setting up a democratic form of managing this public corporation.

The team consisting of around 20 active participants, with the help of Anka Kekez from the Faculty of Political Science, defined research goals, priorities and methodology that set the groundwork for research in 2016.

The publication “Our Railways” was written and edited during 2017 and 2018, and concluded in 2019. It will be released in 2020, and is coming at a crucial moment as Croatia is expecting its new national strategy for railways in the same year.