The publication “Our Railways” is a comprehensive overview of railway services management in Croatia that fourteen researchers worked on for three years. It was edited by Nikolina Rajković and Tomislav Tomašević.

The study is an attempt to find professional and analytical answers to the long-standing dissatisfaction with railway policies and the quality of transport services, as well as the growing global need for the railway to become a more dominant form of environmentally friendly and sustainable transport.

Relying on theoretical models of public administration, the study also offers an analysis of European and Croatian railway legislation, and a description and evaluation of the model of railway service management in Croatia compared to 12 European countries.

Interviews with twenty actors in the Croatian railway system deepen the understanding of contemporary trends in railway policies and construct the framework for recommendations to improve them.

The study shows that the best railway systems require great public investment and transport strategies, protectionist public policies that curb liberalization and privatization trends, and democratic governance mechanisms geared not only towards policy makers, but also workers and users.