Green Academy 2020: “The Future is Ours”!

Announcing the 7th Green Academy, taking place in Komiža from August 21 to 26!

Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the Green Academy 2020 will take place in Komiža on the island of Vis, from August 21 to 26, as a cooperation between the Institute for Political Ecology, the Green European Foundation, the Open Society Initiative for Europe and the Heinrich Böll Foundation, with the financial support of the European Parliament to the Green European Foundation.

Under the title “The Future is Ours” we will focus on cities and municipalities as the real changemakers and terrains for progressive political change. We will explore transformative pathways, novel solutions and institutional practices that can ensure ecological sustainability, economy within planetary boundaries and just transition. Citizen empowerment and public ownership will be equal thematic axes of our program. With recent political successes at local and national level in Croatia, our aim is to use political education formats for further knowledge-building, both in theory and practice, and consolidating ground for future collective action. Together we will dive deeper into different experiences of municipalist, green and left movements across Europe and the region, but also explore local conditions, and the opportunities and constraints they present for emancipatory and progressive politics.

The program is built on collective experiences at the Green Academy and our continous work within political ecology perspectives, primarily degrowth, municipalism and climate justice, with a sharper focus on cities and municipalities. While providing space and knowledge for groups and platforms working on green-left agendas, we will also create conditions for collectively designing fit-for-the-future policies. We aim to explore the municipalist universe and its multitude of actors and ideas that can become driving and long-lasting forces of political change at the local level in the coming years, and reclaim citizen agency in political processes. The severe impacts of the climate crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic emergency, creating detrimental economic and social effects in our societies, will be salient factors in our shared envisaging of future-proof politics that can ensure ecological sustainability, absence of oppression and social justice for future generations.

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