Institute for Political Ecology (IPE) is a research and educational organisation that designs alternative development models and innovative institutional frameworks for democratic political and economic transformation of society.

The Institute addresses contemporary ecological changes as social phenomena that reduce or magnify social inequalities and influence power relations.

IPE carries out transdisciplinary research and educational programs in cooperation with domestic and international institutions and organisations. Based on these, IPE provides expert analyses and a discussion platform for social movements and political and economic actors in Croatia and abroad that advocate ecologically sustainable, just and democratic society.


Institute for Political Ecology is working towards an ecologically sustainable, just and democratic society.


  • produces relevant and applicable research in the sphere of ecological transition and commons-based governance models;
  • participates in a number of international scientific, expert and civil society projects that frame post-growth debate in Europe and its semi-periphery;
  • aims to politicise the public discourse related to climate justice and social inequalities in Croatia and Europe
  • produces studies that contain applicable ecological transformation scenarios in targeted sectoral policies;
  • develops and delivers curricula and educational modules in the sphere of climate science, post-growth debate and various spheres of political ecology interests;
  • provides analysis, data and expertise for initiatives, movements and organisations in Croatia, SEE region and Europe
  • actively shapes participative models and developing collaborative practices with organisations, movements and donors in Croatia and beyond;
  • regularly publishes academic and scholarly work that explores transformative potential of different economic models and social practices
  • engages in building and co-creating epistemic communities around areas of programmatic interest
  • provides networking platforms and discussion forums like Green Academy to empower both movements and experts thus catalysing change and transformation
  • organises seminars and other events relevant from perspective of political ecology