Crochet is a project of exchanging experiences on city management between Zurich and Zagreb, and the project partners are NetHood, IPE, Right to the City, Friends of the Earth Croatia and Operacija Grad.

The project focuses on three areas that are particularly important for IPE and other Croatian partners, as these are areas where institutional innovation needs to take place, with Swiss examples serving as models. These areas are socio-cultural centers, which should be established throughout Croatia with the support of European funds, housing, i.e. new models for solving the housing issue, and the management of utility companies.

The basis of the project are study trips to Zurich. In September 2019, representatives of Croatian partners went on their first short trip, dedicated to socio-cultural centers. They visited the Zurich Community Centers Association (ZCCA), Kalkbreite, Kraftwerk 1, Dynamo Youth Center, Stadionbrache, L 200, MOBA Housing Network and Oerlikon. The second visit took place in December and was dedicated to utilities – the delegation learned how Zurich sorts and recycles waste, manages water and biogas and treats wastewater, and spoke with union representatives in the sector, as well as city and cantonal authorities.

Other activities include webinars and a desk analysis of the utility companies’ models.

The INURA conference was also part of the Crochet project.

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Program is co-financed by the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs.

The views expressed in this project are the sole responsibility of IPE and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs.