The project consists of a fluid research team led by Dr Mladen Domazet with contributions by Lilian Pungas, Oxana Lopatina, Clara Dallaire-Fortier, Tomislav Cik, Andro Rilović, Giacomo D’Alisa, Valentine Porche, Lana Pukanić and Vedran Horvat. ISRZ’s Dr Branko Ančić and Zagreb University’s Dr Marija Brajdić Vuković are principal investigators in social sciences. Furman University researchers, Dr Brannon Andersen and Dr John Quinn, and interns Logan Richardson, Sophie Brennan, Jenny Ufer, Charlie Lott and Eric Holt contributed expertise, data collection and analysis in environmental sciences and sustainability.
Joško Gamberožić and Ivan Katanović lead the development of the automated visualisation tools and graphic presentation of output.