Giacomo D’Alisa is an ecological economist and political ecologist with interdisciplinary skills. He has been advancing together with prominent social scientists the political ecology agenda of the “Barcelona school” of environmental justice and degrowth. His academic work employs critical and innovative framework drawn from ecological economics, political theory, integrate assessment and urban political ecology to investigate changes in the societal metabolic patterns and the consequent environmental injustice they can generate.

Currently, he is the post-doc at the Centre for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra, granted by the Foundation for Science and Technology of the Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology and High Studies. His research project called “Becoming” aims to orchestrate three theoretical frameworks (Institutional Analysis, Political Ecology and Digital Studies) in order to better explore the blooming of Commons around Europe. In 2015 he co-edited a book titled: Degrowth: A Vocabulary For a New Era. The book has been translated in ten different languages (recently in Brazilian), and several scholars of different disciplines have been adding it to their academic syllabi.

During his Fellowship at IPE, he will work on developing a paper investigating the conceptual relationship between degrowth and the state, and will collaborate on developing IPE’s donuts.